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About Us

  As a leading provider and innovator in the pizza industry, we take pride in offering the best products and service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Kay’s Italian Restaurant has a rather unique piece of history to it.  The train-like dining 

room structure is a diner.  This diner was manufactured between 1917 and 1921 by Jerry 

O’Mahony Dining Car Company out of Elizabeth, New Jersey.  His diners are noted for 

having beautiful solid mahogany woodwork and inlaid mosaic tile.  These diners came 

fully equipped with stove, refrigerator, pots, pans, dishes and utensils.  This diner had 38 

feet of exquisite white marble counters which sat 19 people (two of the original stools are 

in our waiting room).  The diner also had etched windows and green stained glass.  The 

selling price at the time was between $3,500 and $5,000 dollars. 

  I first saw this diner in a junk yard no more than five miles from here in 1983.  After a long 

period of indecision, I finally broke down and decided to purchase it.  There were more 

than a few people who thought I was crazy.  Time had taken its toll on the old diner, but 

I thought we could return it to its original glory.  So, my family and I worked on it for 13 

months, replacing all the oak studs in the walls, repairing windows, adding new tile, 

refinishing the woodwork,  fixing the old Kelvinator, shining up all the brass and adding 

new booths. 

  We at Kay’s are very happy to have this piece of history here and hope that you enjoy this 

addition to our restaurant. 

  The photo on the fromt of our menu is of my parents Kay and Willard Woehrle shortly after my 

father’s discharge from the U.S Army following his military service in World War II. 

        Walter Woehrle 

        Owner - Kay’s Restaurant, Daleville